2020 Fall South Central Chinese Speaking Conference (2020年秋季美中南华语特会)

Date: September 11-13, 2020

These materials are for the edification of the saints, do refrain from posting any of them including outlines, audio, or video on the web or social media without the author/owner’s permission to do so. 

纲目(简体) 綱目(繁體)

第一篇 语音 (51MB) 视频 (490MB)
第二篇 语音 (47MB) 视频 (492MB)
第三篇 语音 (50MB) 视频 (417MB)
第四篇 语音 (56MB) 视频 (576MB)
第五篇 语音 (49MB) 视频 (577MB)


Message 1 Audio (51MB) Video (525MB)
Message 2 Audio (44MB) Video (491MB)
Message 3 Audio (50MB) Video (511MB)
Message 4 Audio (56MB) Video (576MB)
Message 5 Audio (49MB) Video (511MB)


Mensaje 1 Audio (51MB) Vídeo (474MB)
Mensaje 2 Audio (46MB) Vídeo (486MB)
Mensaje 3 Audio (50MB) Vídeo (477MB)
Mensaje 4 Audio (56MB) Vídeo (575MB)
Mensaje 5 Audio (49MB) Vídeo (502MB)

Combined Videos with all languages soundtracks:
三合一视频版 (汉语,英语,西班牙语)

Message 1 Vídeo (564MB)
Message 2 Vídeo (560MB)
Message 3 Vídeo (490MB)
Message 4 Video (656MB)
Message 5 Vídeo (643MB)